Elise Sweg

Minister of the Gospel – Reaching the World for the Lord Jesus Christ with Signs Following

Rev. Elise Sweg

Like her husband Sam, Elise has a strong and active relationship with God.

Elise is an active powerful minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is in great demand sought by many Churches and crusades to minister in The Gifts of The Spirit.

Elise Sweg is an active speaker and ministers in a strong prophetic calling at numerous meetings and crusades, including acting as television host of the Portland, Oregon affiliate of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.


The good news is that Jesus doesn’t charge at all, it’s all for free.

I asked the Lord, “Lord what can I share that’s in my heart tonight that would open up your life in a greater measure for Jesus to use you and shine through you in a greater measure?”

 The Lord began to talk to me about 1st Corinthians the 13th chapter, the love chapter.  And the 8th verse tells us, “Love never fails.”  You know, Jesus loves you so much that He never failed you, and He will never fail you in the present, or in the future whatever you’re facing.

He’s so good, He’s so sweet.

You know, sometimes the world gets to be too overwhelming for us, that we carry all the burdens of our family.  So many things happen to us.  We turn around and we look at the news we see, and we get so overwhelmed.  But I want you to know that Jesus is your victory, you’re an over comer because of Jesus.  He is the good shepherd, He’ll take you to every good pasture.  So you can enjoy all the good things here on earth.


      That’s what Jesus will do.  He wants you to get your eyes on Him, and off this world, off of the situations that you face, because remember this, love never fails.  Jesus will never fail you, He wants you to be overwhelmed with the love that He wants to pour in you.

      I know sometimes we think, “God, how can I have that love to touch other people?”

      Well you know one time I had to get up and pray for a lady, and I got up there and I said, “Jesus, I don’t have any love in my heart.  I’ve got to pray for this woman, and I don’t have love for anybody.”  Because it felt like I was a vessel, and all of a sudden a crack happened, and all my love ran out of my spirit, and I didn’t have anymore love to give to anybody, let alone myself.

      So I stopped and I said, “Father, fill me with Your love.  Fill me with Your love.”  And all of a sudden such a presence came, such a presence that I can’t explain, filled my whole being, that overflowed from me to her.

      One time I asked Jesus, “Father, what is it like to be filled with You, with Your presence, with Your very essence?” And Jesus showed me a vision, and He showed me as I was a teacup sitting in a saucer, and He poured His Spirit into me,into that cup, and from that cup into the little saucer, and from the saucer to the table, from the table to the floor.


      That’s how He wants you to be.  He wants you to be overflowing with rivers of living waters, that very presence that will flow from you to each and everyone of you, and each one around about you, your neighbors, the ones that you can hardly stand, that’s what Jesus wants you to do.  And how do you do it?

      Sometimes we think in our mind, and we forget to think with our heart.  Because Jesus says, “Love never fails.”  He didn’t say that your love will never fail, He said “His love will never fail you.”

      Sometimes we’re so busy thinking with our carnal mind, how we can love someone, or be kind to someone, or someone abused us and took their wrath on us, and we became hurt, embittered, and wounded.  But Jesus says, “His love will never fail.”

      And all of a sudden when you open that door, and His presence comes into your heart, you’re going to see each and everyone in this world a little differently because He is so good that you can see the presence of Jesus that will touch the world and change them. Because remember, you are the light of this world, you’re the salt of this earth, you’re the one that’s going to change and transform everyone, because He loves you that much, remember, love never fails.

      I can remember once I had a neighbor that wasn’t so nice and she wasn’t very pleasant to me, and she began to insult me every chance she got, and she insulted me so much one time I became a very bitter woman to her.  And I got ill, and I got sicker, and I sicker, and sicker, and sicker.  And all of a sudden I heard Jesus say, “Elise, you know what My Word says.”

      I said, “I don’t want to do that, she’s a mean, rotten, nasty woman.  You know what she did to me.”

      And so I went and Jesus didn’t bother too much more about it, and then I got sicker.  And Jesus said, “Elise, you know what My Word says.”  Finally the third time Jesus spoke to me and said, “Elise, you know what My Word tells you.”

      I said, “Okay.”  So I went over to her, and I said, you know, “I’m so sorry if I offended you in some way, I apologize, please forgive me.”

      And she looked at me, she goes, “Yes, you better believe it, and don’t remember, it’s not just me, but you need to apologize to everyone else there.”

      And I went away crying, sobbing like a baby and I said, “Jesus, why did you do that, she’s worse than ever, what happened?”

      He goes, “Elise, it wasn’t for her, it was for you.”  It was something that I had to change, something in here that Jesus had to remove so I could grow and become a light for Him in whatever measure I can stand for Him.


      And I want you to know, no matter what anyone has done for you, Jesus can live big in your life, forgive them, because it’s not worth holding any grudge against anyone for any reason, because Jesus can change all situations.  He can change anything, what anyone has ever done to you, for any reason, whether it was good, bad or whatever, indifferent reason.  He wants you to stand and be victorious.  Be a forgiving person, that heart of Jesus Christ.

      He says, “Love will never fail,” and the moment you open up your heart to let Him flow into your heart, that never ending love, all of a sudden you’re to discover that you’re going to feel better, all of a sudden you’re going to have a little spring in your step, boy, all of a sudden you’re going to feel good.  All of a sudden when you start reading the Word of God, all of a sudden it’s going to come alive to you, all of a sudden Jesus is going to renew your strength.

        So tonight, open up your heart for a greater measure of love that will flow from the Father Himself right to you, because we sometimes forget when the love of Christ is in us, then all of a sudden it flows to everyone.  All of a sudden something wonderful happens, not just to them, but to us.  Because I’m sure Brother Sam taught you, and shared with you that when the Holy Spirit flows through you to another person, you get a portion of whatever you’re praying for for that person.

      Because Jesus is so good that He wants everyone to share in all the good things, all the good fruits that He has for you.  He wants you so blessed that the world will see all the goodness of the Father God on you, so the world will say, “You know those people are the children of God.”

      Just like He did with the Jews, how much greater we have now, because we have Jesus who died and rose again just for you, just like the Father said, oh the Father loved love you, He loved each and everyone of you so much that He gave the Son of God just for you, Jesus just for you.  Oh I tell you how wonderful that you can have healing, victory in every portion of your life, to touch everyone around you, that such a blessing will come.

      Oh I tell you, how wonderful.  You know, sometimes we get so caught up in this world we forgot what Jesus said about how can we be cursed when God has blessed us? You can’t curse something that’s been blessed, you are a blessed child of God.  You belong to the Mighty One, the Holy One, the Anointed One, the glorious Savior, the soon coming King who will reign, who reigns right now for victory for you.  How wonderful.

      I want you to know in these last days I want you to rise up, shake yourself enough that when you get up in the morning, when you look in the mirror, you say, “I see Jesus here, I don’t see me, but I see Jesus.”  Because you’re going to change the world for Him.  He wants you to be so victorious, so full of life, life, that river of living water.

      What did He say to us?  Did we forget that He said, “He came to give us life and life more abundantly.”  And how we should, if we have the abundant life, then it should be flowing out from us to everyone around us.

      You know, sometimes I forgot what lives inside of me, and I’ll get up in the morning and I’m grumpy, and boy everybody sees it on my face too, “Get away from me, ahhhhh.”  And then later in the day the Lord starts convicting my heart, He says, “You know Elise, I thought I lived in you, I thought your light was going to shine for Me.”

      And I start saying, “You know Lord I am so sorry, please forgive me, everybody saw the mean side and didn’t see Jesus.”  And I said, “Lord, I’m sorry, I want You to be seen, I want You, the world to know You.”  You know He wants to use each and every one of you.  He wants to change, transform, and renew you in a greater measure.  He wants your light to shine greater than you can ever imagine.

      Oh I tell you, to touch the people around you, to change
your family.  You know those people that you think, “My God they’re never going to get to know Jesus.”  My, just by loving them, remember “love never fails,” love will never fail you.  Jesus’ love will never fail you.  He wants to change each and every one of you.  He wants each one of you to know Him in a greater measure.

Jesus wants to do something in your life, He wants to change things.  He’s going to use you in a different measure than you’ve been used before.  You just open up your heart for a greater, a greater expectancy, because something this year is going to take place that’s going to thrill you, in Jesus Name.

      He wants you to be so full of that life.  Oh, if I can only tell you the presence of Jesus, because I want it to be just like Paul where he says, “I no longer live but it is Christ who lives in me.”  But you know sometimes we get, get caught up in the world, and sometimes I am guilty, because Mark 4 becomes alive in me, and I begin to carry all the cares of this world on me.

      But Jesus says, “In the presence of the Lord is the fullness of joy.”  He says, “Come all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  And we forgot who our refuge is, and that who our tower of strength is, and that is Jesus.  He wants that in a greater measure in you.


      Oh, if I can tell you how we forget how strong and mighty we really are, how mighty we stand, and we forgot until we get to heaven, what we’re going have the ability to do for Him.  How much He wants to change and transform us. Oh, if I could only share that with each and every one of you, how He loves you.  He loves you more than you can ever know, and how do I know?  When I was 11 years old Jesus came to visit me.

      And you know if He came to visit me, how much more will He come to visit you.  How much more will He share the secrets of the heavens with you.  The Word that will come alive and living and transform in a greater measure than you can ever know.  That will come manifest in flesh, not just in what we think or feel.

      But oh how much I want you to know, that He wants to use you.  How much He wants to change those things around you, those people who aren’t kind to you, how much He will change them, if you have that love that never fails, the love that from the Father God Himself.

      Oh, I want you to know, to know Him that way.  Because He is so glorious, so wonderful.  Oh I tell you, I can’t wait for Him to come, but I know that it’s better to be here and working for Him, and I want you to know tonight Jesus is here to change, and touch, and heal your bodies.  I want you to open up your heart, because tonight prophecy is going to come in such in a measure that it’s going to change your life.  He’s going to transform you in a different way.  Get ready, get prepared because He loves you so much.

      Open up your heart.  I wouldn’t tell you something that wasn’t so, because Jesus is here. He’s here.  So whatever you want from Him tonight, you open up and say “I receive it,” because once it’s given, it is given, and Jesus is not an Indian giver, praise His name.

God bless you,
Elise Sweg




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